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Freedom Singers

The Freedom Singers began their music ministry when two young men, Simon and Wesley, arrived in Canada as stow-a-ways. In Romania, their native land, at that time, all young men, upon completing High School, were forced to join the army. Being conscientious Christians, they could not join the army because freedom of worship was totally restricted. Refusing to join would result in several years of imprisonment and persecution. Determined to escape to freedom, Simon and Wesley faced danger and hardship fleeing from Romania to Italy.

But their nightmare began in earnest when they crawled into a container full of ceramic tiles that was headed across the ocean.
Baking in the heat for days in a shipyard, surviving a tremendous storm at sea, suffering from lack of oxygen, and the agony of thirst, Simon and Wesley both came close to death. It is only by God's grace that Simon and Wesley are here today - alive.

After arriving in Kelowna, B.C., in July of 1999, it was soon learned that Simon and Wesley loved to sing. They blended their voices in duets in many Churches . They travel now as a trio, since Stefan, Simon's brother joined them in 2006. The name "Freedom Singers" was most appropriate considering the backgrounds of Simon and Wesley and what they endured to be able to worship their God in Freedom and peace...

"Freedom Singers" share their music and testimony in the hope that those who listen will be spiritually enriched. They give praise to God for His guidance and abundant Grace.


National Quartet Convention

Legacy Five’s annual Celebration events in Nashville, Tennessee

Bill Gaither’s Family Fest in Gatlinburg

Praise-Fest Texas

Fan Fest California

Canada’s Gospel Music Celebration


Scott Fowler / Legacy Five. “I have been singing full time for over 23 years. I have never come across an artist with a more inspiring story. The way these guys weave music in with their testimony is something you have to experience.”